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New Skills


This skill enables the character to piece together fragments of the hidden world. When they come across evidence of Mythos creatures, a character with this skill may make a roll to identify it. Should they encounter a dread creature, the character may identify the creature or something of relevant interest, such as its behavior or its possessions. This skill could be used to identify a spell being cast or to recognize a Mythos book by skimming a few pages. This skill is also used by characters to cast spells they have learned.

As this knowledge damages the very core of a person’s psyche, no character may elect to take this skill to start, nor ever put skill points into the development of this Knowledge. There are very specific methods a character may gain this skill – and very specific consequences as well…


This investigator understands the mind and human behavior, and may attempt to eliminate madness in themselves and others. This must be done within the golden hour. Each attempt takes 20 minutes. A success eliminates one level of madness, while a raise eliminates two. Further details are found in the Setting Rules section.

If a character wishes to be able to tell if someone is giving them false or misleading information, they may use their Knowledge (Psychology) to see if the target gives themselves away. Alternately, they may attempt to use this skill to get someone to reveal information, as per the Intimidation parameters above, however it is a roll opposed by the target’s Smarts. Failure indicates the target realizes they are being manipulated, and their reaction shifts down one category. Further attempts at manipulation are made at –4.

Intimidation as Interrogation

Want to pull the facts out of someone? Then Intimidation is key. Simply make an opposed roll against your opponent’s Spirit. Since you’ve had to capture them to even initiate an Interrogation, you should start off with a situational modifier of + 2 with other adjustments as the Keeper sees fit. With a success, you are able to dig out some minor piece of information, maybe more, if the opponent realizes you could get the information from multiple sources or is more afraid of what you can do to them than their boss. With a raise, you are able to get out a major piece of information, if the target knows any, or a willingness to help. This is like having a friendly reaction. Two or more raises indicate the subject spills everything they know. An interrogation session cannot be attempted more than once per day on a given individual. Repeated attempts fail.

New Hindrances


The hero harbors a dark family secret that could endanger his very life and how he is perceived if it comes to light. The investigator receives a – 4 Charisma reaction from anyone aware of his secret. If it becomes public knowledge in the course of play, the hero loses this Hindrance, replacing it with Wanted (Major) as well as the – 4 Charisma modifier.


Your hero doesn’t handle physical pain and injury well. He suffers a – 2 penalty on all soak rolls.


While others may be born of low society, it is obvious that this character is not far removed from their bad upbringing. The investigator receives a – 2 modifier to Charisma except among others of similar stature. The character may reduce or eliminate this status over the course of game play by expending a leveling opportunity to eliminate this Hindrance at Seasoned Rank or any time thereafter. This hero may not take the Noble Edge.


This investigator believes firmly in the sanctity of their mind and body and recovers slowly from shock and trauma. They suffer a – 2 penalty to Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken. The character may use a level up once he reaches Seasoned Rank or any time thereafter to eliminate this Hindrance.


The investigator is connected to someone or something that demands a portion of his time. These obligations can include nearly anything, such as a tenured professor giving lectures and teaching classes or an athlete checking in on a sick relative from time to time. Failure to fulfill such obligations will eventually have serious repercussions. A hero with Obligations and Connections to the same individual or organization has a special relationship with the person or group in question, and gains a + 2 or + 4 bonus to Persuasion rolls (depending upon whether their Obligations are minor or major) when dealing with them. In essence, the Connection has a vested interest in the investigator, and is more likely to want to see them succeed.


The investigator’s appearance looks a bit off. Whether it’s their eyes being set too close together, the slight webbing between their fingers, or a sallow appearance, people are uncomfortable around them. The character suffers a – 2 Charisma modifier except with others sharing their lineage.

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New Stuff from RoC

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