Character Creation

Making a Character
All player characters are human and begin with one free Edge.
Characters begin with a d4 in each of the five basic attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength & Vigor. Distribute 5 points among them any way you wish. Raising an attribute one die type costs 1 point, and you may not raise any attribute above d12.
Characters get 15 points with which to purchase skills. Skills begin at ‘0’ and raising it one die type costs 1 point – as long as it is no higher than its linked attribute. Raising a skill above its linked attribute costs 2 points. All skills in the Savage Worlds Deluxe core book are available plus two new skills, whose details can be found on the New Stuff from RoC page.
Figure out your Derived Statistics:
Pace is 6"
Parry is equal to 2 plus half your Fighting.
Charisma is a combination of your character’s appearance, manner, and general likability. It is added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls. It is also used to see how NPCs react to you. Your Charisma modifier is + 0 unless changed by Edges or Hindrances.
Toughness is equal to 2 plus half your Vigor.
Sanity is equal to 2 plus half your Spirit minus your Corruption score. This is your character’s mental toughness.
Corruption starts at 0. This attribute tracks the dark toll that continued contact and knowledge of the unspeakable extracts from the soul of every man. It increases by 1 for each die type of Knowledge (Mythos).
Now decide if you want any Hindrances. If so, you may use them to gain one of the benefits below. You may take up to four points of Hindrances in any combination of Major (worth 2 points each) and Minor (worth 1 point each).
For 2 Hindrance Points you can:

Raise an Attribute a die type
Choose an Edge.
For 1 Hindrance Point you can:

Gain another skill point
Gain additional monies equal to your starting funds
Nearly all the Edges and Hindrances listed in Savage Worlds Deluxe are available to your character. See below for exceptions. New Skills, Hindrances, and Edges unique to this setting can be found on the New Stuff from RoC page.
Disallowed Edges
Players are free to choose most Edges from the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules. Some, however, are not appropriate for this particular setting. The following Edges are not available to characters in Delta Green: A Night at the Opera.

Arcane Backgrounds
Power Edges
Holy/Unholy Warrior
Mr. Fix It
Weird Edges
Power Surge
more to come…

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Character Creation

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